Lodge events are limited to 50 in attendance due to the size of the facility The $75 rental fee (payable before the rental date) covers the rental of the lodge for a period of up to five (5) hours. If total usage exceeds five hours, an additional $15.00 per hour will be assessed. Events must be over by 1:00 a.m. The Lodge must be completely locked at the end of the event, cleaned, and no association rules violated, or the security deposit may be forfeited. The Security deposit ($250 – seperate check payable to The Olentangy Condominium Association)

Owner/residents who have rented the Lodge are responsible for restoring the building and grounds to a clean and orderly condition and are liable for any damage to furnishings and equipment. Such restoration must be completed by 9 a.m. the following day or prior to the next scheduled event should it be prior to that time. If the rooms are returned to a clean and orderly condition and there is no damage, the security deposit will be returned by the Management Company.