Community Rules

Exterior Changes – All exterior changes must be submitted to Patterson Merkle and obtain Board approval before moving forward.  See section 6 of the attached Policy Handbook for details.

Pool Rules


The pool is now just 6 feet deep at the waterfall end.

This is critical – if a bottle gets broken anywhere near the pool, State law requires the pool to be drained, cleaned and refilled.  This means the pool will be closed for an extended period of time and the cost is exorbitant.  If the breakage is traced back to a specific unit, that owner will be assessed the cost of this procedure.

Guests must be accompanied by a resident/unit owner at all times.

Children under the age of fourteen years must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Children cannot be left unattended even for a few moments.

Running, rollerblading and/or horseplay are not permitted in the pool area.

Please be considerate of others and keep your music and conversation at a very low level.

The pool is open from 8:00 am to dusk; violators will be arrested for trespassing or disturbing the peace after these hours.

Smoking is only permitted in the area on the south side of the pool (on the deck) — signage is posted.  All areas on concrete are non-smoking.  (Smoking includes cigarettes and vaping)

Guests are limited to six (6) per unit.  You must accompany your guests at all times when they are in the pool area.  Please do not give your key to your guest!  You are responsible for your guest! They break a rule, you could be fined.

Backboards, rings, hooks, ropes, etc., are provided by law and are for your safety and protection, not for use as toys.  An emergency phone is provided for your use; it is only to be used in an emergency and is pre-programmed to call 9-1-1.

If you are at the pool and rules are being broken, please speak up.  If someone asks to be let in without a key, tell them nicely that a key is required for entry.  If someone asks you to turn down your music or get rid of a glass bottle, please comply.  We all have to work together to make our pool fun and safe for everyone. These rules are for the safety and protection of all involved, and for the enhancement of your pool enjoyment. Please follow them and don’t ask others to “bend” or break them for you.  Your safety and protection are our main concern.

Abuses, violations of the rules, or other concerns should be directed to the Property Manager at Patterson Merkle.  They can be reached at 614-235-1187.  Please use common sense and consideration and have a great time at the pool!


The City of Columbus has issued a list of mandatory actions that we must take in order to open our pool this year. We have taken this list and adapted a new set of additional rules. These rules must be followed until further notice. We are asking owners to report any person that violates the rules to Patterson Merkle. Our goal is to avoid our pool being shut down by the City of Columbus.

Do not enter the pool area if you are sick or do not feel well

Practice good personal hygiene – wash hands before entering pool area, use hand sanitizer often

Please wear a mask when entering or exiting the pool area since there is only one entrance to the pool

Limited to 45 people total – CDC Required Occupancy limit for our pool and/or deck is

No pool furniture will be provided – if you want a seat please bring a towel or chair. No other items should be carried in.

NO GUESTS AT ANY TIME – only people living in the community are allowed to use the pool –– NO EXCEPTIONS

Carry in Carry out Policy – all personal items, trash, ashtrays, and chairs must be carried out when you leave. Any item left will be thrown away

2 hour limit – be respectful of others, we are asking that you limit your pool visit to 2 hours

No organized groups or gatherings until further notice

Practice social distancing when around individuals from different households

Social distance minimums are marked – please follow

Restrooms will be closed

Please exit the pool area when the nighttime security light comes on

Violations to these rules may result in fines and can result in the pool being closed for the season

Please remember that these rules have been developed for the safety of the residents in our community. The City of Columbus has indicated that they will be making unannounced visits to the open pools in the community. If the City closes the pool because of violations, we will have to abide by their decision. Please check the web site regularly for community updates.