Building Captains

Each building in the community has a captain who is responsible for disseminating information in a timely manner to the residents of the building.  This information could include emergency information, newsletters, flyers, and other general information pertinent to the community.  Residents should feel free to voice any concerns about the building or community to their building captain.  In those building that do not have captains, please contact a board member or the management company with concerns. If you live in a building without a captain, please consider becoming a captain.  Contact board president, Randy Hageman, to volunteer.

Churchill Avenue

630 Churchill Ave – Lois McCann

648 Churchill Ave – Chris Kemmer

Hedgebrooke Avenue

595 Hedgebrooke Ave – Jeff Cloud


Middletowne Avenue

4730 Middletowne Ave – Lesley Damian, 614.457.4409

4745 Middletowne Ave – Derrick McPeak

4753 Middletowne Ave – Derrick McPeak

4758 Middletowne Ave – Karen Mastriani

4765 Middletowne Ave – Edward Anderson

4819 Middletowne Ave – Colin Logan, 614.451.7233

Olde Towne Avenue

600 Olde Towne Ave – Bradley Guiver

603 Olde Towne Ave – Erin Lloyd

631 Olde Towne Ave

649 Olde Towne Ave – Diane VanDommelen

652 Olde Towne Ave – Pat Thomas

657 Olde Towne Ave

665 Olde Towne Ave – Gayle Dillinger

673 Olde Towne Ave – Patti DeLuca

Olentangy River Road

4753 Olentangy River Rd – De Deubner

4773 Olentangy River Rd – Shawn Hageman

4811 Olentangy River Rd – Bob Winningham

Pennfair Avenue

4820 Pennfair Ave – Sharon Champbell

4825 Pennfair Ave – Paul Hickfang

4830 Pennfair Ave – Carol Logan

Providence Avenue

632 Providence Ave – Maryann Holevas

650 Providence Ave – Carolyn Redinger

655 Providence Ave – Sherry Crawford-Eyen

666 Providence Ave – Sherry Crawford-Eyen

678 Providence Ave – Sherry Crawford-Eyen

677 Providence Ave – Sherry Crawford-Eyen